How a engineer’s small mistake nearly broke the Entire Internet


The internet may be a stunning place and lots of folks have established an unbreakable relationship with the same. However, it’s like that even a wrong key press will persuade be fatal for the worldwide web infrastructure. the same happened once an engineer of TeliaSonera–an web infrastructure company–committed a bit …

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Pakistan is on Top Asian Telecom users&Investment Destinations: WORLD BANK REPORT

World Bank Report

Good time is returning for pakistan as World Bank reported in the week that Pakistan has topped the South Asian countries list with a lot of telecomusers, additionally becoming a positive investment destination and with success established manymultilateral institutions. The report elaborates that Pakistan is leading the region in digital …

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Paper,Scissor,Rock: Google’s latest Android Ad Is the best thing you will see today

google new latest android Ad

Google is known for releasing good and refreshing ads for promoting its android OS at huge TV events. At the recent Academy Awards ceremony, Google released the newest android Commerical titled Rock, Paper, Scissors. Apart from Chris Rock’s powerhouse monologue, leonardo Dicaprio’s 1st win, and Spotlight’s surprise moment, Google’s new …

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